Give a little time to yourselves and experience a green oasis in the Valley of Usora River nearby Teslić town. See for yourself why was our spring recognized in ancient Roman times, and treat yourself to the benefits of thermal mineral water.

A story about thermal mineral water spring at Grabovac river has been passed between generations telling it was healing, relieving pain and revitalising. Initially it was used in households for drinking and the preparation of bread, and afterwards for medical bathing.

Coming from greater depths, thermal mineral water is heated by hot rocks on its way up thus dissolving minerals and as such is used for treatment of various symptoms. Bathing in thermal mineral water is especially recommended in treatment of blood vessel diseases, symptoms of the joints, tendons, muscles, as well as digestive, gynaecological, and even psychosomatic symptoms.

Thermal mineral water of Banja Vrućica also helps you to relieve stress, fatigue, poor concentration and memory, irritability and lethargy. Help us to preserve your health, join us at its origin.