Clean, 100% oxygen under conditions of elevated pressure in a hyperbaric chamber ensures that the blood collects up to twenty times more oxygen and because of that this is one of the latest methods used in the treatment of many diseases.

In hotel Hercegovina, according to the latest methods during the month of June,was installed hyperbaric chamber. Hyperbaric medicine is a relatively young branch of medicine based on natural remedies- pure medical oxygen.It is used as basic or as an adjunctive therapy in cases where there has been a deficit in the transport of oxygen. Hyperbaric chamber helps people who suffer from diabetes, neuropathy, psoriasis and this therapy is applied after the stroke and myocardial infarction. Effects are mostly quickly visible, depending on the stage of the disease. In particular with patients suffering from diabetes, in which complications are advanced. This procedure is recommended for healthy people as well, to preserve the youthful appearance, vitality and enhance your health.
The cost of one treatment is 100 BAM (51,13 EUR), and for hotel guests 85 BAM (43,46 EUR) . Every tenth treatment is free.
For all interested we developed a special treatment called Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.
Service based on a full board includes :
– Full board ( hotel accomodation and three meals, diet if necessary )
– Doctor’s examination
– Basic laboratory
– Bandaging prior to treatment, if necessary
– Therapy in hyperbaric chamber every day (one hour)
– Kinesiotherapy daily
– Medical records and discharge letter
Prices of the program are distinguished by periods of residence and the hotel where you stay.