Each of us instinctively starts rubbing the painful part of the body. In this way, we affect the muscular, lymphatic and nervous systems through the skin. Such massaging is the oldest type of treatment, which probably exists ever since the man.

Massaging cures or relieves pain in muscles, joints and connective tissue, and also has a positive effect on the psychological powers of a person. Through the touch that refreshes, relaxes and cures, at our center you can meet with colors, floral scents and nature for the harmony of your body and your spirit..

Eliminate stress and tension, and drive away your insomnia in the massage rooms we provide:

  • Harmony – A massage room that rouses the harmony of body and soul
  • Rose – A massage room that rouses emotions about flowers and precious things
  • Kala – A massage room which symbolizes whiteness, purity and health
  • Saffron – A massage room which is a perfect mixture of nature and exoticism.


Odlučite se za duboku relaksaciju izborom savršene masaže za sebe:

  • The old spa aroma massage – A massage based on the principles of aromatherapy and ayurveda philosophy;
  • Medical massage – A body massage focused on painful spots and muscle tension;
  • Sports massage – A massage aimed at recreational athletes, and anyone with fatigue and muscle pain;
  • Holistic anti-stress massage – A holistic massage based on the theory of energy balance and energy flow, relaxes the body and calms the mind;
  • Volcanic stones massage – A massage based on the ancient tradition of using hot stones for therapeutic purposes;
  • Chocorama spa massage – A massage with hot chocolate that awakens all the senses, makes the skin wonderfully soft and smooth, while the smell stimulates the secretion of hormones of happiness;
  • Vinoroma spa massage – A massage with oils from the grapevine and grape seeds that contain powerful antioxidants and eliminate free radicals, reviving tired and loose skin and releasing toxins.

Close your eyes and surrender to pleasure!