Find your health in a perfect blend of traditional and alternative medicine! Disease prevention is the key to a long and healthy life, and the spring of thermal mineral water of Banja Vrućica is a perfect base for the Medical Wellness Programs.

Each of our guests with poor health, disease history or diagnosis has been invited to the mandatory medical examination where a licensed doctor makes an adjusted plan and program to be run under constant supervision.

For your longevity, choose one of our Medical Wellness programs:

Thermal mineral baths

Individual baths at the spring of healing water in modern tubs

  •  Improve your general health condition!
  • Ease your rheumatic symptoms!
  • Reach the effect of revitalization and anti-stress!


Healing mud

Traditional treatments with warm black mud and cold green mud

  • Ease your back pain!
  • Improve your blood circulation and get rid of cellulite!
  • Free from tension and stress!



An ancient Chinese method of healing using needles and sticking them into specific spots on the skin

  • Slow down your aging process!
  • Break loose from your headache, migraine and chronic fatigue!
  • Cure sciatica, arthritis and joint injuries!