Do you wish to be one of a million people unhappy with themselves, with their lives, their looks, their work and emotions? Don’t let others control your life, but get involved with all the activities that lead to a high level of wellness.

Lifestyle imposed by modern times faces us with the need to be more aware of the health. The trend of feeling well is extremely impulsive and wins all markets. Keep up with it and treat yourself to a one-day escape from the stress and day-to-day worries with daily wellness packages that we have arranged for you:

  • Afternoon rest – sauna, swimming pool, medical partial massage, and lunch
    Package price per person: 55,00 BAM
  • Afternoon delight – sauna, swimming pool, aroma massage in Stara Banja, and lunch
    Package price per personi: 61,00 BAM
  • Beauty Day – sauna, swimming pool, anti-stress facial massage, and lunch
    Package price per person: 46,55 BAM

Interested in a good life?