Do the business at our convention centre! At your disposal are salons equipped in line with European standards, with particular consideration of acoustics, accompanying equipment, air conditioning and layout of the salon.

A large and modern conference hall with 350-400 seats. It is suitable for concerts, conferences, sessions, and arts & culture events. It also has equipment for simultaneous translation, multimedia presentations, audio recording and sound system. The audio/video transmission from this hall is accessible at all Banja Vrućica hotels, and could be watched from the other halls and hotel rooms.

An elite salon with capacity of 100 seats. It is suitable for formal receptions and conferences, and has a terrace with a view.

A large convention salon with capacity of 120 seats. It also has interpreter booths and audio recording equipment. It could be split into two identical halls in order to make it suitable for workgroups where the first part of session is attended by all, and during the second part they work in smaller groups.

A spacious salon with 80 seats. It has a terrace with a view that could be used during breaks. This salon is attached to “Usora” salon which makes it easy to communicate when having a larger working group or two separate groups.

A salon with capacity of 35 seats. It is attached to “Bosna” and “VIP” salons, which enables work of larger groups because of the easy communication.

A salon with capacity of 20 seats. It is suitable for smaller meetings and work of smaller groups.

All salons are air conditioned and have Internet access.


Possible seating arrangements

Cinema style

Clasroom style


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Salon capacities and seating arrangements

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