You do realize you should be exercising, but do you know why? Our ancestors never bothered with fitness as it was integrated in their daily activities.

Ever since our days degraded to sitting in chairs, the only way to preserve body strength is regular physical activity.

Build yourself up in the fitness room that meets the needs of professional sport teams, covers 150 square metres and provides top equipment for:

  • Individual and group fitness program,
  • Aerobics,
  • Body building program,
  • Muscular endurance program,
  • Programs with/without weight lifting,
  • Flexibility development program, and
  • Cardio fitness programs.

All information and advice on effective exercise principles as well as on individual programs are provided by our experts. For those of you favouring aerobics, we provide trainings for the development, building and improving desired body parts.

Get up from your cosy chairs and start doing fitness with us!